What is a VASS Compliance Approval?

The Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) is a framework governed by VicRoads to ensure that modified, imported and individually constructed vehicles meet engineering and safety standards for registration.

When do you need a VASS Compliance?

If you are going to modify a vehicle beyond the original manufactures specification or build a vehicle, then you are going to need a VASS Compliance Approval which will show that your vehicle will meet the engineering and safety standards required for registration. This will allow you to legally use your vehicle on public roads in Australia.

More information on the steps involved for a VASS can be found on the VicRoads website. You can access this information using the VicRoads banner or LINK.

Vehicle Compliance Services

Where do you get a VASS Compliance Certificate?

A VASS approval can only be issued by an approved and registered VASS Engineer.

Vehicle Compliance Services is a registered and approved VASS signatory to VicRoads.